Thrive GrouPs 

Life is created to be done together. Thrive Groups create the opportunity to connect, build friendships, connect with God and enjoy life together. 

Thrive Groups fall semester launch the second week of September


Go through the Gospel of John chapter by chapter and discussing how the scriptures impact our life and how to apply them . NW Thrive Group is held Wednesdays at 7:30PM starting September 15. NW Thrive Group is open to everyone. This Thrive group is lead by Pastor Josiah.

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This Thrive Group is  for parents and kids to get together and connect while discussing topics relevant to raising Godly children and praying with/for our children. It is a practical, discussion-based group that brings parents together to be encouraged.

 Moms Thrive Group is held Mondays at 10:00AM starting September 13. This Thrive group is lead by Natalie. 

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Play board games and have dinner one Saturday a month. The first Dinner and Games will be September 11. This group is lead by Wendy and Audrey. 


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