June 16, 2020

Hello Church Family, 


I am excited to tell you about Thrive Church's plan to resume in-person gatherings! Our leadership team prayed and considered many variables in our decision including Alberta Government, AHS regulations, the spiritual, mental and physical health of you and your families, inclusivity, our rental facility Dalhousie Community Centre and the Thrive Church re-entry survey.  Here is the plan our Church Leadership Team unanimously developed: 


1.Thrive Church will resume in person Sunday service gatherings this fall! The specific timing will require looking at our list of variables. Our communication will be transparent and efficient once the this date has been determined. 

2.We will continue online Sunday gatherings for July and August.  You may want to prayerfully consider hosting a watch party during our Sunday on-line gatherings in your homes with church friends and family.  This would be a great way to  conscientiously connect and gather in smaller groups.

3.We will continue Thrive Group Live on Facebook and Instagram 8PM Monday to Thursday. 

4.Starting we will host bi-weekly Thrive Outdoor Gatherings. Stay tuned. Over 90% of respondents from the survey indicated an appetite for these types of gatherings. 

5.Thrive & Coffee Zoom Calls will be  bi-weekly starting  . Thrive and Coffee will be held the Saturday’s where there is no Thrive Outdoors.


When we resume in-person gatherings in the fall, Thrive Church will have two campuses: in-person campus at the Dalhousie Community Centre and Thrive Church Online Campus! While we have been online, we have had many people join Thrive who are from outside of our city and province. Having a Thrive Online Campus allows those who are outside of Calgary to continue to be part of our Thrive Church Family and be part of what God is doing through our church. Starting in the fall, we will resume in-person Thrive Groups as well as continuing online Thrive Groups. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at josiah@thrivecalgary.ca.


I am so glad that you are part of our Thrive Church Family and that we get to do life together. I know that God has good plans for you and for our Church! God is just getting started.  Know that you are loved. 

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In light of COVID-19 situation we have temporarily moved all of our gatherings online until further notice

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